Outsourcing to the Philippines: Why PH Is The Global Outsourcing Destination


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Outsourcing has truly transformed the global business landscape in the last decade and businesses, both big and small, race to tap into new markets. Outsourcing has many benefits. More than just the cost saving of about 60-70% compared with western countries, it also allows companies to find and hire global talent and scale their business

Thankfully, the industry for outsourcing in the Philippines continues to boom. In fact, the country remains one of the top destinations for outsourcing. The BPO sector in the Philippines has grown to a $30 billion industry, and it is projected that by 2023, the industry will employ over 2.4 million Filipinos.

Here are the top reasons why companies choose to outsource work to the Philippines and why the country is one of the global outsourcing destinations:

Provides a 24/7 workforce

Many businesses in the Philippines are open for 24 hours, 7 days a week. This means that even if a company originates from the other side of the world, it should not be a problem because the Philippines has a very flexible workforce that can cater to different time zones.

In fact, a number of BPOs in the country are functioning this way. They have employees coming in at different times of the day in order to complete their clients’ deliverables.

Filipinos have high English proficiency

Many businesses in the Philippines are open for 24 hours, 7 days a week. This means that even if a company originates from the other side of the world, it should not be a problem because the Philippines has a very flexible workforce that can cater to different time zones.

Since most employees of global companies use English to communicate with each other, Filipinos should not have any issues joining their team. They should be able to seamlessly integrate themselves into their practices and culture. A study by the GlobalEnglish Corporation reveals that the Philippines is the world’s best country in business English proficiency, even beating the United States.

Filipinos have a great work ethic

Global corporations often seek the Filipino workforce because of their loyalty, integrity, work ethic, and overall service-oriented demeanor. They are known for fostering a friendly work environment and for cultivating a culture of respect for the people they work with.

Overall, their positive mindset and values attract international businesses to work with them.

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The Philippines has a large talent pool

The country has a large and diverse pool of talent. About 680,000 Filipino college students graduate every year, which means that international businesses can select from a sizable number of aspirants wanting to join their company.

Filipino workers are also capable of filling various jobs, from managerial posts to entry-level positions. Enterprises shouldn’t have any issues building a global workforce and hiring the right people to run their operations.


Hundreds of international agencies in the country are seeing an expected 7% to 9% annual growth rate. This number is actually greater than the expected growth rate. Since the Philippines’ BPO industry contributes around $30 billion to the local economy annually, the government has established laws that provide tax breaks and expedited visa processing for foreign employees.

As a result, other industries such as real estate have also flourished because there is a rise in the demand for residential condominiums and office spaces

Filipinos are flexible workers

Aside from having a great and professional work ethic, the Philippines has a very goal-oriented workforce, showing perseverance and single-mindedness unlike any other. Moreover, they are great candidates to undergo training so that they can upskill to deliver new job specifications and responsibilities. Their resilience and adaptability go hand in hand to help them be resourceful in times of abrupt changes.

The country’s BPOs operations are also highly flexible. The workforce could easily adjust to whatever time zone an international company chooses to work in. This then allows employees to quickly adjust if needed in order to properly deal with possible issues with recruitment or training, for example.

Government backing

The Philippine government has recognized the country’s exemplary outsourcing industry. Thus, it has invested quite heavily so that it will remain a top revenue generator and main economic pillar.

Some of their few initiatives are:

    • It established the National Information and Communications Technology Council.
    • It has provided foreign investments with tax and non-tax incentives.
    • It has made provisions for call center training
    • It continues to partner with different educational institutions to prepare students to enter a BPO workforce.

Opportunity for new markets

Due to the country’s close relations with neighboring nations of South Korea, Japan, and China, international businesses that choose to invest in the Philippines could easily access an entirely new client base located in these countries. Investors could also take advantage of the local market which mostly consists of the middle class.

The Filipino workforce is well-equipped to assist international businesses in reaching and servicing these new markets. As a result, these companies could see more growth in revenue.

Cultural compatibility

The Philippines’ rich history has led to the country adopting Western lifestyles and cultural traditions. Hence, it would make it easier for global companies to build relationships with their Filipino counterparts. As mentioned before, there would be little to no language barrier between foreign investors and Filipinos. This no doubt provides the country’s BPO industry an edge against the others.

filipinos have great culture

Access to modern technology

As previously established, the country’s government has shown support towards the local BPO industry. The other ways they are showcasing this is by making important investments in technology, such as in high-speed internet connection, IT parks, and economic zones.

Hubs have been built for BPO and KPO services, resulting in new facilities and state-of-the-art technology. These hubs ensure that the Filipino workforce is providing high-quality services to foreign investors wanting to outsource their operations in the country.

The many benefits of outsourcing in the Philippines

Outsourcing in the Philippines has many benefits. Not only do Filipinos provide top-tier services, but they also would have an easier time adjusting when working for a global company. It’s easy to see that foreign investors, together with the local workforce, would benefit from this arrangement.

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