Employer of Record Services

TalentHero Is Your Partner For Hiring The Best Talents and Scaling Your Business.

Here at TalentHero, we’ll guide you in the realm of seamless global expansion through our comprehensive Employer of Record (EOR) services.

Our mission is clear – to empower businesses to tap into international talent pools and drive growth without the complexities and costs of setting up a local entity.

What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

Navigating the nuances of global employment laws and administrative intricacies can be a daunting task for businesses aiming to establish a presence in a new country. This is where an Employer of Record comes in. An EOR, like TalentHero, assumes the role of the legal employer for your international workforce. This means that we take on the responsibilities of compliance, payroll, benefits, and administrative tasks, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business objectives.

TalentHero’s Employer of Record (EOR) services offer a streamlined and comprehensive process for businesses aiming to expand internationally. Beginning with an initial consultation, our step-by-step approach simplifies global expansion. Our legal experts ensure compliance by handling intricate paperwork, including employment contracts and tax forms.

We source and hire talent, manage onboarding, streamline administrative tasks through our platform, and ensure procurement of necessary resources while providing mandatory benefits in accordance with local regulations.

Our payroll expertise guarantees accurate and timely compensation while ongoing HR support fosters employee engagement and growth.

Throughout the journey, we monitor compliance and adapt to changes, offering scalability and flexibility. With TalentHero as your EOR partner, businesses can focus on growth while we navigate the complexities of global expansion.


Source Talent

Hire Talents

Onboard Employees

Equip and Train

Manage Payroll and Mandatory Benefits

Advantages of Embracing TalentHero's EOR Services

Global growth

The world is your talent pool. With TalentHero, you can expand your workforce internationally, tapping into skills that transcend geographical boundaries.

Legal assurance

Navigating local labor laws, tax regulations, and compliance standards can be hard. Our EOR services provide you with the peace of mind that your operations are within legal parameters.

Efficiency gains

Administrative tasks can eat up valuable time and resources. By entrusting us with these responsibilities, you can streamline operations and focus on strategic initiatives.

Risk mitigation

The global landscape is riddled with potential pitfalls. Our experts proactively identify and manage risks, ensuring that your expansion journey is as smooth as possible.

HR support

Our HR expertise extends beyond paperwork. We foster a supportive work environment for your international team, enhancing satisfaction and productivity.

Payroll processing

Ensure accurate and compliant payroll management in every country you operate in without the headache of deciphering local regulations.

Cost savings

Setting up a local entity involves considerable costs. With EOR services, you can achieve global expansion without the financial burden of establishing a physical presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do businesses use employer of record services?

EOR services enable businesses to tap into global talent markets rapidly and compliantly, driving growth across borders.

Employer of record vs. PEO: What's the difference?

While both provide HR solutions, an EOR takes on the role of the legal employer, offering more extensive support.

How much does an employer of record cost?

Our pricing is tailored to your needs, ensuring that you only pay for the services required for your unique expansion journey.

Do EOR providers offer other global HR services?

Absolutely. We offer a spectrum of global HR services to meet the diverse needs of businesses expanding internationally.

Partnering with an EOR, such as TalentHero, shifts the legal responsibilities associated with international employment to us, ensuring compliance and minimizing risk.


In essence, TalentHero’s EOR services transcend mere administrative support. We are your bridge to unlocking global growth and accessing international talent. Our commitment is to simplify expansion, ensure legal compliance, and provide exceptional HR support. Together, we can propel your business beyond borders and into a future of unparalleled opportunity.

The future of remote work is primed to see continued growth and evolution. We are the solution that brings you at the forefront of this tectonic shift in workforce management.
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