Why Employers Should Start Hiring a Global Workforce

With the recent uptrend of the unemployment rate during the global pandemic in 2020 and followed by the Great Resignation in 2021, employers have a hard time hiring qualified employees. With higher job openings and a low volume of job seekers, it became a challenge to fill in the gaps in the workforce. If you can’t hire talents locally, one way of hiring is stepping outside your borders.  

Hiring a global workforce is one of your organization’s most significant steps in achieving successful business and workforce growth. According to a survey by McKinsey, 85% of business owners think that they need to adopt new technology in 2023 to remain competitive. Employing a global workforce can address this need and it also provides many benefits especially in the area of talent acquisition. Employers can save themselves from the hassle and risk of hiring the wrong people for the job since global hiring allows you to explore the pool of talents with specialized skillsets worldwide.  

Hiring a global workforce allows you to virtually and remotely onboard talents in every corner of the world without sending them to your physical office. It will enable your organization to maintain a productive workforce while keeping employees happy with job satisfaction and a better work-life balance. And that’s what makes a productive workforce that eventually leads to business success.   

Here are why employers should start hiring a global workforce and the multitude of benefits it can offer for your business and organization.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Global Workforce
The Challenges of Hiring a Global Workforce
Why Partner with a Recruitment Solution Provider When Hiring Globally
Hire a Global Workforce with TalentHero

The Benefits of Hiring a Global Workforce


Exposure to Different Cultures    

Hiring an international workforce will expose your organization to different cultures, ethnicities, and the experiences of various employees. It allows your organization to diversify its approach to various business strategies that may be beneficial in terms of experimental or market testing. Different inputs, ideas, and brains from different corners expand your perspective outside your local entity. Which develops better and more creative ideas, leading to further innovation for your business. 

Let’s say your organization is based in the United States and is currently looking for a Marketing Director. With a shortage of specific roles and skill sets, you can venture to different marketing directors seasoned in different cultures. Let’s say you decide to hire a Marketing Director in the Philippines. You’ll get fresh insights, ideas, and perspectives from the cultures on the different behavioral consumer patterns in the Philippines that can potentially be useful to your business.

Fill-in Roles Easily

Hiring global talent can fill in roles quickly in your workforce. (Well, for the most of, looking for the right qualified talent and the hiring process as a whole.) Working for a company is more than just clocking out, doing your daily job, and clocking out. Relationships are built within the workforce. It is hard to replace an employee because each employee you have is unique and special and has at least contributed to the success and growth of your business.

On a side note, looking for qualified employees in higher positions such as Managers, Directors, especially in the C-level suites, is far more challenging than hiring rank and file employees. Your hiring department will have to scout talents thoroughly since higher positions require specific skills. But on the brighter side, if your organization has a hard time looking to fill in the gaps in your team, hiring global talents is one way to get talents quickly. Your organization can easily pick qualified talents in the global talent pool without the limitations of local talent reach.

Creates a New Perspective 

Hiring talents from different corners of the world allows you to come across different perspectives in approaching and dealing with specific work-related challenges. Given the scenario, your company is hiring a marketing team of 5 from different corners of the world, two in Europe, two from Asia, and one from the US. This international composition of your hired marketing team has different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures, allowing various ideas to flow, and allowing them to brainstorm productively and efficiently. Hiring a local composition of 5 US-based marketing isn’t bad since they are more familiar with the local scene and are easier to manage. But compared to a global marketing team, it provides a lot more creativity and various perspectives since they aren’t limited to only the local market.

Diverse Workforce

One of the advantages of hiring talents globally is it enables you to diversify your workforce. Hiring talents globally for your workforce allows you to identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses. It will enable you to navigate the best possible workflow, pulling the best potential out of every talent in your group. You can further develop a team with unique characteristics, experiences, and backgrounds. That can bring out creativeness and further develop innovation for your business.

Creates an Inclusive Workforce

As we have mentioned, hiring talents across your borders creates a diverse workforce. Your organization creates a diversified and inclusive workplace with different types of employee cultures, experiences, and perspectives. Having an inclusive workplace is beneficial in maintaining a productive and efficient team. Your organization develops a greater sense of belongingness, a safe workplace, and higher job satisfaction, which are factors for raising employee productivity and efficiency. If your company accepts anyone, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or people of color, your company creates a great brand and workplace reputation. With millennials and Gen Zs leading the future of workforces, you will get to attract and retain clients more – which leads to further business growth, productivity, and less employee turnover.

Untapped Global Talent Pool

With approximately 3.29 billion professionals, workers, and employees worldwide, expanding your talent reach allows you to find hidden gems of skills outside your borders. If your talent reach is limited to your local scene, you might find it challenging to find qualified talents fast. Each country has its esteemed professionals that have mastered their craft and expertise, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on hiring these types of talents. With many talents to choose from in the global talent pool, your organization has the opportunity to hire and onboard talents fast.

A recruiting, outsourcing and hiring platform like TalentHero can help you internationally recruit talents for your workforce. Allowing you to access global skills with just a click of a button.


Hiring a global workforce offers much flexibility for employers and employees. You can hire from a large pool of international talent of professionals you can choose from. From freelancers, contractors, full-time employees, and part-time job-seekers, your organization has the flexibility to hire talents to take on a particular project for your company.  

Let’s say your company has an ongoing rebranding project. From social media, websites, prints, logo revamp, and advertising. But your team of graphic designers in your marketing team lacks the workforce, bandwidth, and time to finish the company’s new brand bible. Your organization can hire freelance and contractual artists that can help your graphic designers do their work more productively and quickly for a period of time.  

Enables a Remote Workforce

Getting a remote workforce is one of the best ways to keep a productive and happy team. It allows your employees to work from everywhere and anytime they want. Let’s say employee A lives in the busiest city of Metro Manila. Employee A can decide to work from their parent’s house, in the provinces or even by the seaside, as long as employee A has sufficient equipment and a stable internet connection to do their job.

Another thing we have mentioned in the previous section of the article is that your organization doesn’t have to send your global workforce to your physical office. That would be expensive and time-consuming. Processing local government documents such as visas, passports, work permits, and anything of the sort is already a hassle and counterproductive to onboard talents globally. 

TalentHero, enables a global remote workforce for your organization without going through the hassle and trouble of hiring talents globally.  

Work-life Balance

Enabling a remote workforce for your global workforce creates a sense of better work-life balance for your team. It allows them to allocate time efficiently rather than spend time preparing and commuting to work. Allotting an extra 2-3 hours in their daily activity for hobbies, personal interests, working out, or anything that keeps your workers sane promotes a healthy work-life balance. Enforcing an excellent work-life balance in your global workforce has many benefits. It enhances workforce productivity, better physical and mental health, and increases job satisfaction, which keeps your employee’s well-being in check.

Attract and Retain Talented Employees

One of the benefits of hiring global talents is the organization’s HR department to improve talent retention. Talent retention for your organization is an essential factor for your business success. Tenured talents know the ins and outs of your company and have better knowledge and understanding of your company than newly hired talents. Constant employee turnover can look bad for your company and counterproductive to resources, time, and growth. Instead of hiring talent across the globe, TalentHero will help you get in touch with global talents quickly and support your organization’s growth.

Talents all over the globe are hungry for opportunities, career advancement, and experience. Besides retaining talent and hiring talent globally, it allows your organization’s hiring department to attract the finest talents quickly. Finding qualified talents within a limited talent pool can be challenging if you’re looking for talents to hire in the local talent scene. Hiring talents from across the globe is one of the fastest ways. Why? It enables your organization to unravel talented professionals that will work with you to achieve your business goals. Hiring passionate, qualified talents worldwide would be a breeze with the help of TalentHero.

Ease the Burden of your Hiring Department

Hiring in today’s time is a lot more challenging.  The manual process of looking for and hiring suitable candidates is already one of the blockers to a productive workforce. With a 3-to-6 months probationary contract with every hire, there is a chance that the talent you hired is not a suitable one for your team. It will take a lot of time before you realize if you did hire the right person for the job. And that time is a lot of time and resources wasted on hiring mistakes. 

On a side note, the hiring process is an internal factor that the hiring and recruitment platform can quickly fix. What about the external factors? With the recent Great Resignation, unemployment rates were high due to public health hazards, and Millennials and Gen Z workers had realized the right working conditions for them, creating a “standard” for their future employment. The thing is, Millennials to Gen Zs are the future of every company’s workforce in the next ten years. (While Gen Xs and Gen Ys will be retiring in that period.) Your organization needs to adapt and catch up to match its standards under hiring and HR trends.

A hiring and recruitment platform like TalentHero can help you find qualified talents fast, keeps your hiring to trends while minimizing the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job, and streamline your hiring process with just a click of a button.

The Challenges of Hiring a Global Workforce

Hiring talents worldwide can be pretty challenging. It can be tough to handle all your offshore talents, from salary rates to local government documents and remotely taking care of your employees. But of course, you want a hassle-free onboarding experience when you scout for talents worldwide. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding to hire outside your organization’s borders. Here are the common challenges of hiring global talents and what you can do to turn them to your organization’s advantage.

Setting Up a Local Entity 

Hiring talents internationally can be quite expensive. Establishing a local entity of your brand or business outside your borders creates an international presence. But it’s not that easy since your organization must follow the due process of abiding by local government laws, which is quite costly. Each country has rules and regulations about setting up a corporate entity (local or foreign) that must follow compliance, taxes, employment, and anything similar. As we have mentioned, failure to fulfill these requirements in setting up a local entity in a foreign country can be time-consuming, costly, and potentially damage your reputation as a foreign employer.

But with TalentHero’s employer of record (EOR) services, your organization can operate without sweat about complying with the long due process and costs of setting up a local entity. With an employer of record, a company in the Philippines serves as the registered employer of the talents you hire globally. This means less hassle and fewer costs, and your company doesn’t have to go through the lengthy processes of setting up a local entity. Your organization is still responsible for the management and supervisory roles in making the decisions on employment, dismissal, raise, and benefits for your employees.

Local Government Laws

Each country has its government policy regarding its workers. Some countries offer unique mandatory benefits such as 13-month pay, triple pay for certain holidays, and much more. Failing to abide by local laws can harm your organization’s employees, and brand reputation can cost your company when you ignore these compliances. Worst case, if your organization could not tend to its penalties, the local government can force your company’s operations in their country.

The good thing about TalentHero is that it enables your business to hire talents internationally without worrying about complying with local government laws. TalentHero handles all the complex parts of hiring talent globally, then makes it simple for your organization.

Communication Barrier 

For starters, it is common knowledge that hiring a global workforce means your employees can come from various countries. Communication is more than just understanding the words your coworkers are saying. Tone, humor, delivery, and everything else matters. With multiple cultures and a sense of humor from different countries, cracking a joke that might seem funny in your country may be awkward or, worse, offensive in another’s culture. It would take a while before a team of global workers can effectively communicate without being on guard. It’s a rewarding process once your team can build a comfortable working environment. So, think twice before speaking if you and your coworkers aren’t close enough.

Communication is one of the most significant factors in whether your business will succeed. Making sure your team understands the tasks they need is one example of how your department can further your productivity. Even if only one worker misunderstands the task at hand, it can significantly cost the whole team’s productivity and efficiency to function. Making sure to use communication and video conferencing platforms such as Slack, Teams, Google Meet, Skype, or anything of the sort, can help your company stay in touch with each other.

Lack of Workforce Relationship

Since you will be hiring talents across your borders, most likely, your organization would adapt to working remotely. It would be impossible for your team to meet their coworkers physically since they will be working from different corners of the world. Working apart from your coworkers is one of the challenges when hiring global talents. The lack of relationship and connection-building between your workers can be a challenge in building the right chemistry, synergy, and closeness – which is essential in every aspect of a productive and efficient team.

One thing you can do is to hold virtual team building activities at every end of the month and at least allot 1-2 hours of your work day specifically for team building. These team-building activities can be a virtual break room, holding virtual company events, or even playing online games together. With these activities, your team can get to know each other and form healthy relationships in the workforce. As we’ve mentioned, building a friendly relationship and connection is vital in every aspect of a productive and efficient team.

Team Coordination Challenges

Working with a team that lives in different time zones can be pretty challenging. With this, your global workforce team can have difficulty coordinating and collaborating on specific tasks. One example could be given tasks that need to be finished in a short notice. Let’s say your copywriter and graphic designer need to collaborate in making assets and copy for your advertising team, but your graphic designer won’t be logging in to work in the next two and a half hours. It could be challenging to comply with rushed deadlines since your team has to wait for your other coworkers to log in.

If you think your team might encounter this problem soon, one thing to do is set up your team’s core hours on your daily working hours. What are core hours? Core hours are a certain period in the day when all your team members are working within their prime hours. Doing this can easily create a collaborative workflow between your team, allowing you to discuss important tasks, matters, and problems during the day or week. Another solution is to allow a day for weekly team catch-ups. It could be on a Monday when your team can discuss the important agendas for the week. Or it could be on Fridays when your team can discuss the tasks they have accomplished during the work week.

Why Partner with a Recruitment Solution Provider When Hiring Globally

Partnering a recruitment platform is one of the best strategies for acquiring globally qualified talents fast without worrying about the risks. It has many benefits for a cost-effective and streamlined way of getting talents for your organization. 

If your organization is planning on hiring talents globally, it would be hard to do it yourselves. Challenges such as local government compliance, hiring globally without a local entity, and such is the hardest part of hiring talents globally – if your organization doesn’t choose to hire globally or outsource your recruitment processes.  

Hire a Global Workforce with TalentHero

Recruitment, hiring, and outsourcing platforms like TalentHero can help your organization look for the right global talents to fill your teams and departments. TalentHero can fully minimize the risk of your organization failing to comply with local government laws. Your company also doesn’t have to set up a local entity to recruit, hire, outsource, and onboard global talents to your organization. 

Is it the right time to start hiring global talents? To answer that, here are the top reasons why you should begin hiring international talent now: Hiring global talent allows you to get ahead of your competitors, enables streamlined workflows, better productivity, lesser employee turnover, and enhances the working experience for your team – which are all critical in keeping your company growing – and TalentHero can help your organization with that. 

Ask us at [email protected] and see how we can help your business prepare to hire global talent for your workforce.

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