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If your team is working from home, equipping them with the right tools is essential. As businesses adapt to the new norm, thoughtful equipment procurement becomes a critical factor in ensuring the productivity and efficiency of remote workers. According to the Employee Engagement Report released by Flexjobs, 48% of employers are maintaining some form of remote work for their workforce. The hybrid work setup is also expected to increase to 81% by 2024, which means that remote work is here to stay. 

Below are the top essential office equipment items for teams with remote setup.

Laptop or Desktop Computer

Remote workers heavily rely on their computers to execute tasks efficiently. Laptops offer the advantage of flexibility, allowing employees to work from various locations or wherever they feel most productive. On the other hand, desktop computers provide a more robust performance, particularly for tasks that demand higher processing power. 

The choice between a laptop and a desktop depends on the nature of the work and the individual preferences of remote employees.

High-Speed Internet Connection

A stable and high-speed internet connection is the backbone of remote work. Apart from simply facilitating communication, it ensures the seamless execution of tasks, including video conferencing, file transfers, collaboration, and more. Investing in high-speed plans is crucial for global teams, and considering subsidizing or providing a stipend for internet expenses can alleviate a potential barrier to consistent connectivity for remote workers.

Ergonomic Furniture

Comfortable chairs and desks are not just about luxury – they contribute significantly to a healthy work environment. Encouraging good posture reduces the risk of musculoskeletal issues that can arise from extended periods of sitting. Ergonomic accessories, such as mice, go a step further in enhancing comfort during long working hours. Moreover, this also promotes the overall well-being of remote employees.

Headsets or Speakers

One of the most important devices in a remote setup is a quality audio device. It plays an important role in promoting effective communication. Headsets, especially those equipped with noise-canceling features, minimize distractions during virtual meetings and calls, ensuring that remote workers can focus on crucial discussions.

Compatibility with commonly used video conferencing platforms further enhances the utility of these devices.


Video conferencing has become a staple in remote work, enabling face-to-face communication. While most laptops come with built-in cameras, external webcams offer higher quality, enhancing the visual experience of virtual meetings. Video calls not only convey information effectively but also promote a sense of connection among remote team members and reduce the challenges of physical distance.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Since they provide easy access and collaboration on documents, cloud storage solutions have become indispensable. Platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox offer secure and user-friendly environments for storing and sharing files. However, providing training on proper data management and security practices is equally important to ensure the responsible use of these tools and safeguard sensitive information.

Project Management Tools

The collaborative nature of remote work necessitates the use of project management tools. Platforms like Trello, Asana, or Jira provide a centralized space for organizing tasks and tracking progress. Implementing such tools enhances team collaboration by providing transparency and accountability, which are critical elements in ensuring the success of remote projects.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Ensuring a secure connection for remote workers, especially when handling sensitive data, is of high importance. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts internet traffic, adding a layer of security against potential threats. Prioritizing cybersecurity by implementing a VPN safeguards both company and employee information, instilling confidence in remote workers to handle confidential data responsibly.

Software Licenses

Providing the necessary software licenses for remote work tools is a fundamental aspect of equipment procurement. Access to the latest software versions is essential for optimal functionality. Regularly updating and maintaining software prevents compatibility issues that may hinder productivity, ensuring that your team can leverage the full potential of the tools at their disposal.

Printer and Scanner

Despite the digital transformation, physical documents remain a part of remote work. A reliable printer and scanner combo can be invaluable for tasks such as signing contracts or handling paperwork. Considering eco-friendly options aligns with sustainability goals and promotes responsible use of resources for work purposes.

External Drives or Backup Solutions

Encouraging regular backups is a crucial aspect of eliminating data loss risks in remote work. External hard drives or cloud-based backup solutions provide an extra layer of security for valuable data. Establishing clear guidelines on data backup frequency and procedures promotes a proactive approach to data protection, ensuring that remote workers can recover essential information swiftly in case of unforeseen events.

Multi Tasking

Multiple Monitors

Enhancing remote workers’ productivity can be achieved by providing multiple monitors. This setup allows employees to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, reducing the need to constantly switch between applications. Increased screen real estate is particularly beneficial for roles that involve data analysis, graphic design, or programming, where visualizing large amounts of information is essential.

Good Quality Keyboard

A good quality keyboard is another essential computer accessory that impacts the comfort and efficiency of remote workers. Mechanical keyboards with tactile feedback can provide a satisfying typing experience and reduce fatigue during long work sessions. Consider the preferences of individual employees, as keyboard preferences can vary.

Time-Tracking Software

To monitor work hours accurately and maintain accountability, consider implementing time-tracking software. This tool helps remote workers log their working hours, ensuring transparent communication about productivity and adherence to schedules. It also provides valuable insights for project management and resource allocation.

Training and Support Resources

Offering training sessions on equipment usage and best practices is a proactive approach to empowering remote workers. Providing a dedicated support channel for technical issues ensures that employees can quickly resolve challenges they might encounter, minimizing disruptions to workflow. Equip your employees with the knowledge to troubleshoot common problems so they can gain a sense of autonomy and confidence in working remotely.


When it comes to remote work, comprehensive equipment procurement is the key to a successful and productive team. From fundamental devices like computers and internet connections to specialized tools for communication and collaboration, providing the right equipment ensures that your remote workers can perform at their best. By learning the significance of each equipment, businesses can tailor their approach to procurement and provide a culture of efficiency and innovation in the digital workspace.

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